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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner


     Remember those old MGM Musicals, when Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney decided on a moments notice to “put on a show”?  They must have influenced actress/writer Renee Taylor to put on a fundraiser to assist the residents of the Motion Picture Home, and within two weeks, she hosted a luncheon/fundraiser right in her own backyard!

     It seems that the Long Term Care Unit of the legendary Home for Retired Actors is in dire need of funds (largely due to mismanagement), and that their Long Term Care Unit will be closing.  That would leave the remaining 61 residents left to be moved out or die. 

Irrepressible Renee and her hubby, actor Joe Bologna opened their Beverly Hills home for an auction/luncheon at the nominal contribution of $25.00, and attracted more than 200 guests, who bid generously on the items offered.

These included scripts, books and posters signed by Stanley Kramer, Diane Ladd and Hugh Hefner (to name a few) and costumes and gowns worn by such luminaries as Jayne Meadows and Esther Williams.  I even purchased a retro red sequined jacket, for less than $300.00!

Paintings, prints and Hurrell classic celebrity  photographs were offered by David Streets, who owns a fabulous art gallery in Beverly Hills – and Barbara Lazaroff (co-owner of Spago) purchased several for her vast collection.

One of the most popular items was a director’s chair, once owned by Bill Clinton that came with a pre-intern photo of Monica Lewinsky  - and the magic lamp from I Dream of Jeanie,  donated by Barbara Eden herself, which brought in $1600.00.

Some of the celebs feasting on mac & cheese and chicken chili, included Oscar winner Shirley Jones & Marty Ingels, and Elliott Gould, who said that the fundraiser was a case of “our taking care of our own”

 We were pleased to learn that over $30,000 was raised at this mini-fundraiser.  And Renee, who portrayed Fran Drescher’s mom in the hit series The Nanny, said she and her husband were motivated to help because “we may be one of those people one day”.


    Yes folks, Houdini has returned to the Magic Castle, in the form of actor Tony Curtis, who portrayed him in the hit film from Paramount.  The eclectic legendary castle was the perfect venue for the release party of Tony’s new tome,” The Making of Some Like it Hot” and we were even treated to a special screening of this classic flick.

Curtis, famous for his handsome good looks and trademark New York accent, is still in good form – despite a recent bout with ill health – and he was happy to answer questions about the film, and his relationship to Marilyn Monroe (which was very hot – indeed).

These days, he resides in Las Vegas with his beautiful blonde buxom bride, Jill, and concentrates on his successful second career as a fine artist.  As he said, “I still make movies, but I’m not that interested any more.  I paint all the time.”  Did you know his work could command more than $50,000 a canvas now?  In addition, he and Jill are the biggest supporters of Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary.

Some of the celebs in attendance included actor Hugh O’Brien, best known for his work as Wyatt Earp, actress Tippi Hedren (The Birds) and former Head of Casting for Aaron Spelling, Producer Pamela Shae.  We were all impressed with this magical evening at the Magic Castle!

Tony Curtis with Tippi Hedren (The Birds)




Actress/Writer Renee Taylor & husband, Joe Bologna
Renee Taylor & Elliott Gould (once married to Barbara Streissand)
Shirley Jones & Marty Ingels
Tony Curtis with Hugh O'Brian (Wyatt Earp)

























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