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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner

  Marci’s Hollywood Hotline

     We may have been cheated out of all those Golden Globe parties this year – but on Feb. 24th, there is one event we anxiously look forward to attending – Norby Walters Night of 100 Stars Black Tie Dinner Viewing Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel.   For the past 18th years, this has been one of the top Award parties, and always includes a slew of past Oscar winners and nominees.

     Some of the invited guests include Sean Astin, Jason Alexander, Amber Tamblyn and Tia Carrere, and among the Academy Award winners and nominees who have previously attended are Jamie Fox, Peter  Fonda, and Shirley Jones.
    The main sponsors for this gala are Bacchus – The #1 Energy Drink in all of Asia, American Airlines and Tummy Tuck Jeans – Not Your Daughters Jeans.

There are a limited number of tickets available at $1,000 per seat.  For further info, please call 310-446-5416.  Hope to see you there for what Jimmy Kimmel stated is:  “A wild party, with mostly celebs everywhere you look.”  

Photo:  Producer & Dinner Chairman, Norby Walters, Christian Slater & Gary Walters, Producer of "Bobby"

Marci’s Hollywood Hotline

Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                 

     George Clooney Tilda Swinton and Alec Baldwin were among the guests at the American Film Institute’s Annual Celebration, at the Four Seasons Hotel.  The AFI Awards are the only recognition that honors film and television creative ensembles as a whole – both in front of, and behind the camera.

     Some of the official selections for movie of the year, included No Country For Old Men, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Michael Clayton – and among the selections for TV programs of the year were Dexter, Longford and Mad Men. 

     Some of the principal cast members enjoying the luncheon, sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, included Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild), Swoosie Kurtz (Pushing Daises) and Allison Janney & Jason Bateman (Juno)

     There may have been a slew of stars present, but they couldn’t beat the more than 150 leading ladies & gentlemen who attended “Starfair” at the Palm Springs Convention Center.  Thirty classic movies were screened during the four-day event, and four legendary Hollywood Stars received their Golden Palm Stars, including Tab Hunter, who still looks like the original Golden Boy.  Hunter’s new tome, “Confidential:  The Making of a Movie Star” is a national bestseller, and reveals what it was like to be a  1950’s era star.  One of his former co-stars was the late Natalie Wood; and her sister, Lana Wood, was on hand to accept the star on her behalf.  Wood who appeared as a James Bond girl, In Diamonds Are Forever, also penned a book memorializing her legendary sister

     Receiving the most accolades was Tony Curtis, who jetted in from Las Vegas.  Curtis is recovering from serious surgery, but nothing can keep this octogenarian down.  He was graciously signing autographs, and hawking his ordinal oil paintings, which run into the thousands of dollars.  Kudos to Bob Alexander, Dr. Susan Stafford and their hard working committee from the myriad of fans who love and respect these talented thespians

     Did you know that there are hundreds of bag ladies in Beverly Hills? Well at least there were the other day, when Lupus LA Luncheon raised $500,000 by selling designer bags.  Marla Paxson and her daughter Nicole , who suffers from Lupus, received their Woman of Achievement Award;  and Marla Maples acted as Mistress of Ceremonies for the afternoon.

     The handbag auction featured 400 bags donated by such celebs as Mischa Barton, Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Kathy Hilton- as well as designers including Fendi, Prada and Armani

   Sharon Stone is very involved in this charity, as her sister Kelly was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago. Also rummaging through the handsome handbags was Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune. Coincidently, Starfair was ably co-chaired by her predecessor,  Dr. Susan Stafford (original hostess of the award winning game show).  Now tell me, doesn’t it prove there are only a few degrees of separation on the Hollywood Hotline      .

Hollywood Hotline – Royal Toy Drive

The gaily-decorated Night Club in the Beverly Hills home of Duchess of Dusseldorf  (aka Gail Dauer) was the perfect setting for the Crown Jewel’s Annual Toy Drive to benefit Coach for Kids.  Over 100 “Royals” attended the event and scads of terrific toys were strewn around the magnificent trees, which Gail spent many hours decorating.

Some of the special celeb guests included Soap Star, Brenda Dickson (Young & The Restless), author Donna Spangler (“How to Get a Rich Man), Cookbook legend, Renny Darling Klein, and Shelly Sterling, wife of Donald Sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers.

The Crown Jewels is getting ready for their next event, The Royal Purple Luncheon at Spago, March 13th,  where Leeza Gibbons will be their guest speaker.  Charity and Camaraderie are the two main forces, which keep the juices of this special group of socialites flowing! 

Hollywood Hotline – Beverly Cohen’s Boat Bash

    Celeb Staff’s recent Cover Girl, Beverly Cohen has to be the busiest gal in town.  After hosting a fabulous party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills (which she and her hubby, Bob Cohen, happen to own) she threw a Boat Bash at her new home in Newport Beach. The Cohen’s’ purchased John Wayne’s former abode, and have transformed the waterfront estate into a palatial paradise.

     Among the celeb guests,  we spotted Lee Iaccoca, Mr. Blackwell and Spencer, comedian Jack Carter, and John Wayne’s widow, Pilar, a renowned artist and author of “My Life With the Duke”, who was with her daughter, Marisa, who lives in Newport Beach.  Others enjoying the sumptuous buffet and gazing at the gaily decorated yachts in the Holiday Boat Parade, included socialites Marianne and Martin Berman, Laurie & Richard Rodnick (who live at the Four Seasons in Newport Beach), and Grace Robbins (widow of famed writer, Harold Robbins) who had a few fantastic yachts of her own, moored in the South of France.  She was with her handsome new husband and first mate, Paul Barnes. Ship Ahoy! 

Blackwell & Marci at Bevery Cohen's Boat Bash
Laurie & Richard Rodnick with Hostess Beverly Cohen






Actress Brenda Dickson ("Young & The Restless") at Crown Jewels Royal Toy Drive
Crown Jewels Holiday Photo
Lana Wood with Gayle Hodges at Starfair
Tab Hunter with Tony Curtis at Starfair in Palm Springs
Vanna White at Bag Lady Luncheon
Javier Barden ("No Country For Old Men") at AFI Luncheon



















































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