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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner

Hollywood Arts Council      Marci Weiner

        The Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood were transformed to the roaring twenties, complete with breathtaking 20 foot high Art Deco silver statues, when the Hollywood Arts Council presented their 30th Anniversary Black Tie Gala.. Over $100,000 was raised to promote, nurture, and support the arts, and revitalize the community of Hollywood.  KABC TV’s George Pennaccio emceed the star-studded show, which honored Bob Mackie (Inaugural Fashion Arts Award), The Hollywood Wax Museum (Entertainment Arts Award) and the Blank Theatre Company to name a few.  Some of the presenters included Connie Stevens, Mitzi Gaynor (who was one of Mackie’s favorite clients), and beauty queen, Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty) posing prettily here with another former Miss America, Lee Merriweather (Catwoman).

     Nyla Arslanian, President of the Council, who danced with joy when she received the community Arts Award stated, “Tonight’s event was the perfect way to celebrate our 30th Anniversary, and to set the stage for the future of Hollywood.

        Enjoyed speaking to adorable Charlene Tilton, former Dallas Star, who told us she has bought the rights to the Tammy Faye Baker story. She was a good friend of the deceased evangelist, and will be perfect for the role.  Also chatted with award winning composer (Rocky) Carol Connors, who has been an avid supporter of the Hollywood Arts Council for ages, and Deanna Lund, who we remember from The Land of the Giants

     We particularly enjoyed the performance of impressionist Fred Travelena (who imitated every President from George Washington to George Bush.)  We wonder if he is practicing his Hillary impression?

     Kudos to the Hollywood Arts Council for 30 years of keeping the arts alive in Hollywood.

Carol Connors & Deanna Lund at Hollywood Arts Council

Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          Marci Weiner

Professional Dancers Society       Marci Weiner

     More than 600 dancers, choreographers and associates joined forces to salute Mary Tyler Moore, and the late James Cagney at the Professional Dancers Society’s annual Gypsy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  As the star of several TV series, Moore is best known for her acting ability.  However, she is a skilled dancer, and started out in commercials playing the part of a home appliance known as “Happy Hotpoint” in the mid-1950’s.

    The event brought about a re-union with some of her co-workers, including the dazzling Dick Van Dyke, and Carl Reiner, who cast Moore in the historic Dick Van Dyke Show As the octogenarian actor/producer stated, “Mary is one of the great talents of the American Theater.”  This was confirmed in showing of a reel containing clips from her many and varied shows, on the small and big screens.

     Posthumously honored was Jimmy Cagney, who proved in Yankee Doodle Dandy that he was one spectacular hoofer. Joan Leslie, who portrayed his wife in the classic film was on hand to pay him tribute. Others enjoying the spirited  production performances by the Joe Tremaine and Arlene Kennedy Dancers, included Mitzi Gaynor (President of the PDS), Betty White, Ann Reinking (Chorus Line) and Carol Burnett.

     The Professional Dancers Society’s goal is to help dancers in need, and last year the provided $370,489 to assist 391 dancers through the Actor’s Fund social service program.

Speaking of helping those in need – an emergency occurred  when a woman required medical attention in the ladies room.  The dread announcement, “Is there a doctor in the house?” was issued.  Would you believe that Mary’s husband, Dr. Robert Levine rushed to assist?

We always knew that Mary Tyler Moore was a lady for all seasons.

John Wayne Odyssey Ball               Marci Weiner

“Imagine a Cure” was the theme for the Odyssey Ball benefiting the John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Health Center.  Philanthropist Carolyn Dirks received the “Duke Award”, which had previously been given to Kirk Douglas, Larry Hagman, Carroll O’ Connor, Joyce Green, and Merv Griffin to name a few. In her position as president of the Joseph B. Gould Foundation, Carolyn has made major contributions to the Institute, including a gift of $6.5 million to establish the Dirks/Dougherty Prostrate Center.

     As Patrick Wayne, John Wayne’s son, who, along with his wife, Misha, chaired the event stated, “ Carolyn Dirks is an extraordinary role model and dedicated supporter.”

Even Dame Elizabeth Taylor posed the question to Carolyn, “What does it feel like to be amongst the angels?”

      Actress Beth Broderick, best known for her role in Sabrina, Teenage Witch, was anything but witchy, acting as auctioneer for an array of fabulous prizes.  But the most attractive one was the precious pooch she is seen posing with.  We understand that “Buddy” raised well over $3,000 to fight this dread disease.  Actually, since its inception 25 years ago, the Auxiliary has raised over $15 million. The Duke himself would be most proud.

     The evening’s entertainment was provided by Roslyn Kind, who just happens to be the singing sister of Barbra Streisand.  Similar in style and vocal prowess, the charming chanteuse presented a melodic mélange of Broadway and popular ballads, which thrilled the SRO audience.  Kudos go to Ilene Eisenberg & Lois Rosen (Presidents of the Auxiliary) and their hard working committee for an evening of giving and grace. 












Anya Monzikova is a Russian born actress and model. Seeing the struggles in Russia gave her an appreciative outlook on life, making her the determined actress, student, and aspiring producer/ director. She can currently be seen on NBC’s hit game show Deal or No Deal modeling briefcase # 10.
Oscar Arslanian, Nyla Arslanian, Bob Mackie (Honoree) & Mitzi Gaynor at Hollywood Arts Council
Charlene Tilton - The next Tammy Faye Baker?
Two former Beauty Queens - Lee Merriweather & Vanessa Williams
Joni Berry, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore (Honoree) and Mitzi Gaynor at Gypsy Awards
Actress Beth Broderick (Sabrina, Teenage Witch) and puppy pal
Philanthropist Carolyn Dirks with Patrick Wayne at Odyssey Ball





























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