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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner

Night of 100 Stars   by Marci Weiner

     After attending Norby Walter’s Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Party at the Beverly Hills Hotel for 20 years, it feels like family.  Everyone greets each other with a warm embrace, and that’s not bad – considering some of the “family” include Bo Derek, Stefanie Powers, Lou Diamond Phillips and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) to name a few.   Actually over 150 stars are invited to this Black-tie, sit-down dinner viewing party, and believe me, there is plenty to view – besides what is on the TV.

The gorgeous designer gowns worn by such beauties as Tia Carrere, Marilu Henner and Michelle Phillips (The Mamas & the Papas) are to die for, and there is always a patch of Playboy Bunnies, lending their gorgeousness to the occasion.  But nobody was lovelier than Ann Nicole Smith, who attended the soiree for several years, before her untimely death.

Speaking of untimely deaths – the entire Carradine clan have always attended this party, and this year, a tribute was paid to David, by his actor brother, Keith and his family.

Norby Walters, veteran music agent, whose favorite catch phrase is:  “You are never too big” was Dinner Chairman, and Edward Lozzi, handled the slew of paparazzi and press with his usual charm and aplomb.

Some of the other celebs enjoying the fabulous fare, and schmoozing with each other included Astronaut/Author Buzz Aldrin, who is preparing for his debut on Dancing with the Stars, Frances Fisher (Titanic) with her gorgeous young daughter, Francesca Eastwood (she’s Clint’s offspring) and feminist attorney, Gloria Allred with her client, porn star Joslyn James (one of Tiger’s many mistresses).

Usually, Norby presents a fabulous gift bag, but this year, he hosted a prelude to the soiree at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where there was an array of fabulous gifts for his celeb chums.  Some of those on the receiving end included William Shatner, Natalie Cole (looking slim & healthy), Martin Landau and handsome hunk, John Schneider. 

Among the most prized prizes were the solid gold sunglasses designed by handsome Italian Daniel Oberti, owner of Just Look’n, the top designer eyewear store in Miami.  Bill Shantner picked up a pair of L.A Sneakers, and we got a gorgeous swarovski crystal necklace from Leslie Belcher, jewelry designer to the stars.

Other items of interest included the Yoo Star, studio in a box, where you can insert yourself into a number of famous films, and become a star in your own life.  Kudos to Norby Walters and Anita Talbert, who put together a fabulous pre-Oscar suite, which helped spark the excitement and anticipation to the great day ahead. 

William Shatner & his wife



Bo Derek, who attended the Night of 100 Stars
Actor Keith Carradine & his family, who paid tribute to his late brother, David
Natalie Cole with Linda Thompson (Elvis Pressley's last love) at Pre-Oscar Suite
at Beverly Hills Hotel
Candy Spelling at Pre-Oscar Suite (wonder what she could possibly need?)
















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