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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner

LOS ANGELES OPERA OPENING                      Marci Weiner

     Placido Domingo, General Director of the Los Angeles Opera has wooed many filmmakers into directing for the opera stage – but he hit a home run, when he enticed two Academy Award Winners – William Friedkin (Exorcist) and Woody Allen, to direct Puccini’s Il Trittico for the opening of the new season   Friedkin has worked with Domingo on several operas in the past, but this was Woody’s debut, directing Gianni Schicci, Puccini’s only comic opera. The self-depreciating director admitted:  “I have no idea of what I am doing, but incompetence has never prevented me from plunging in with enthusiasm”
      The performance earned high praise from music critics, and Woody ably directed another Allen – Thomas Allen  (no relation) in the title role!  Friedkin, who is married to former Paramount President, Sherry Lansing, remarked that “really fine opera singers want the same things that really skilled actors want – a psychological underpinning for their characters, and a staging that works”.
     At the elaborate after soiree, we dined on filet mignon and pumpkin ravioli catered by Patina, alongside the likes of such operaphiles as Don Johnson (looking sexy and svelte as he did in his Miami Vice days), Shakespearean actor Michael York, who recently headlined Strauss Meets Frankenstein with the Long Beach opera, Josh Groban, the 27 year old baritone who is changing the face of classical music, and another great comedian Martin Short, who was enthusiastic in his praise of Woody’s versatility.
     Although the dress code stipulated black tie, Woody donned his customary uniform of khaki pants, blue blazer and thick black glasses. Hey, when you are Woody Allen, anything goes. Kudos to Eva and Marc Stern, Milan and Milena Panic (she’s a leading opera star herself),and the entire Board of the Los Angeles Opera, who opened their season with style and grace.

Dabney Coleman, Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton & Jane Fonda (cast of the 1980 movie) at opening night of 9-5 The Musical

9 to 5 The Musical                      Marci Weiner

     Although she doesn’t appear on stage in the new musical, 9 to 5, Dolly Parton was the hit of the evening at opening night in Los Angeles.  She was seated in the audience, alongside her costars from the 1980 film – Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin and Dabney Coleman, when there was a technical glitch, which interrupted the first act.  Not flinching a bit, the diminutive diva rose from her seat and announced that she would keep audience entertained while the problem was being fixed, and broke out into an impromptu performance of her hit song, 9 to 5 .

 Dolly wrote the music for the new show, working along with Patricia Resnick who co-wrote the screenplay.  Unable to read a note of music, Parton wrote everything by ear.
Among the hit songs in the show are Backwoods Barbie, which tells the tale of a county girl, with “too much makeup, and too-much hair” – but she sure has come a long way since then!  Sexy Megan Hilty, who portrays Dolly’s role in the musical, is a delight – as is Allison Janney (The West Wing), whose performance rivaled Lilly Tomlin’s role in the film.

Some of the celebs at the after party on the Plaza of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, included Mr. Cabaret himself, Joel Grey, Blythe Danner, and David Hyde Pierce.  When the show opens on Broadway, we hope that Dolly will be in attendance, and that she will save the day – if necessary.

MARIO LOPEZ & HIS WINNING “SMILE”            Marci Weiner

     With his gorgeous dimples, Mario Lopez was a natural to be honored by Operation Smile, a worldwide children’s charity dedicated to help improve the health and lives of young children.  Mario, who danced his way into America’s hearts on Dancing With the Stars, is now a host of Weekend Extra, and has just completed his first run on Broadway starring in A Chorus Line.  He also recently released his first book, ”Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness,” and soon will release a children’s book, entitled ”Mud Tacos.”
      But to get back to his smile, since it’s founding, Operation Smile have treated more than 120,000 children born with cleft palates, and other facial deformities, and work in 51 countries.  Co-founders Bill Magee and his wife, Kathy, made a special presentation to Roma Downey (Touched By an Angel) and her husband, Mark Burnett (producer of The Apprentice)  for their service to the cause. Roma and Mark and their three children traveled to Jordan to attend an Operation Smile Medical Mission, and opened the Roma Downey Life Support Training Center.

Also honored was Vicky Menses, owner of Xian Restaurant in Beverly Hills.  She currently serves as Chairwoman of the Board of Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, and recently participated on an Operation Smile Medical Mission to China.

Among the supporters in attendance were Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (The Hills), Princess Catherine Oxenberg, Casper Van Dien and their entire brood, (Black Eyed Peas), Victoria Jackson & Bill Guthy and Giuliana Rancic (E Entertainment) who acted as Mistress of Ceremonies..
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Placido Domingo with Woody Allen at L.A. Opera
Director William Friedkin and his wife, Sherry Lansing, with Mr. & Mrs. James Conlon, Music Conductor
Stephanie J. Block, Allison Janney, Dolly Parton, Megan Hilty (Dolly, along with stars of the new Musical
Princess Catherine Oxenberg and husband, actor Casper Van Dien, and their beautiful, blonde brood.
Producer Mark Burnett (The Apprentice) with his actress wife, Roma Downey
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt (The Hills)
Roselyn Sanchez (Without a Trace)presented Universal Smile Award to Mario Lopez











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