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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner


     Billionaire David Murdock’s elegant and private Regency Club in Westwood was the perfect venue for the A-List book party for First Person Cat.  Where else but in Beverly Hills can a tortoise shell Persian cat (who wears a diamond necklace from David Webb) be feted for solving a murder mystery?  Yes folks, Tiffany, the alter ego of author Jacque Heebner, proves she is not only an intuitive kitty, but a talented and witty writer.

   Famed jeweler, Kevin Parker, Vice President of David Webb (who creates fabulous animal inspired jewels) hosted a dazzling soiree, where the likes of such guests as Roger Williams, Lou and Carla Ferrigno and Spago’s Barbara Lazaroff feasted on champagne & caviar, and an array of baby lollypop lamb chops, coconut shrimp & other delectable hors d’oeuvres.

    Queen of the Big Cats, Tippi Hedren (The Birds) who owns and operates Shambala – a refuge for really Big cats – was in attendance, and agreed that “the magnificent Tiffany is very cleaver in solving the crime” and was  impressed by the cast of celebrity characters in the tome.

The Ferrigno’s who are in fabulous shape, are excited about their upcoming Reality Show.  This series should be called,   Ferrigno’s Family Fitness –as the entire Ferrigno brood is not fitness buffs themselves, but trainers to boot!

World-renowned pop concert pianist, gold & platinum recording artist Roger Williams, who is a special friend of Jacque, is soon off for a worldwide concert tour.  Williams, like me, is really a dog person – but after reading the adventures of Tiffany, in First Person Cat, I have a newfound appreciation and respect for our feline friends.

Actor & Singer & Brother of Sly Stallone - Frankie Stallone, with Magician & pussycat pal

Commitment to A Cure

     One of the greatest actors of our time, Al Pacino, and renowned ophthalmologist Gary N. Holland, M.D. received the prestigious Jane Wyman Humanitarian Award at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

   “There are two perks to being a celebrity”, said Pacino, as he accepted the Award. “One is being recognized as a celebrity, the second perk is being honored at events like this…and the second one is much better.”  Pacino has a history of charitable giving and supports the mission of the Arthritis Foundation.

 The Jane Wyman Award named in honor of the deceased actress (who was once the the wife of President Ronald Reagan) was herself inflicted with arthritis, and a huge supporter of the cause.  The Academy Award winning actress served as an advocate and spokesperson for the Foundation for more than three decades, and she brought in such celebrated supporters as Bob Hope, Victoria Principal, and Dick Van Dyke to help with telethon fund raising efforts

     We attended the last event where Wyman herself participated, and the evening’s entertainment was Julio Inglesias.  Couldn’t resist this great photo of these two legendary performers!






Lou is synonymous with THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but his talents run much deeper.  Lou was only 21 when he worn his first MR. UNIVERSE title.  More incredible, at age 22, he won again and is the only person to win consecutive titles.  Lou is a trainer of course, but he’s an author, nutritionist and a dedicated family man.  Lou is an honorary member of the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept. and enjoys working with disadvantaged youth.  He is a mentor and role model to them all.
Tippi Hedren (The Birds), Author Jacque Heebner, and famed pianist Roger Williams at book signing soirée
Carla & Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk)
Academy Award winning actor Al Pacino with  Dr. Gary Holland, who received the prestigious Jane Wyman Humanitarian Award
The late Academy Award winning actress, Jane Wyman and Julio Inglesias at Arthritis Foundation event several years ago




















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