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Marci’s Hollywood Hotline                          By Marci Weiner


     The invitation to the Opening Night of Legally Blonde – The Musical, stated, “Pink is the New Black”, so we followed suit and suited up in our pink mini dress, with matching stilettos to meet the dress code.  We were joined by such sexy sisters as Scary Spice (Mel B) who brought her two little girls, Jane Seymour and Priscilla Presley, who is becoming more unrecognizable these days due to her excess plastic surgery.

Sadly missing was Reese Witherspoon, who starred in the hit movie, upon which the musical is based, but adorable Becky Gulsvig, who portrays Elle Woods, is a doppelganger for Reese, and she can dance and sing to boot!  Although there are no show stopping melodies to hum on the way out of the Pantages – you do leave with a smile and sense that all is right with the world.  This “feel good” show is an anecdote to the despair that many are facing today, and for a moment brings us back to bubblegum and moonbeams.

Particularly amusing is the talented Natalie Joy Johnson, who can belt a song like Ethel Merman, and kick it as high as Ann Miller. This cougar can really purr.
Everyone was in a great party mood at the after-soiree at the fabulous Social Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard.  A great ending to a great evening at the theatre – who could ask for anything more?

Natalie Joy Johnson with her stage doggie, Rufus


     We were pleased to attend the Cadillac of all parties at Martin’s Automotive Showroom to launch Cadillac  - The new fragrance for men.
We were surrounded by lots of beautiful cars, food, and people, – so who could complain?  Among the most striking were actor Lorenzo Lamas (Falcon Crest) who was with his blonde daughter, Shayne,  the winner of The Bachelor, who is pursuing an acting career.  This attractive family is currently promoting their new E reality series – The Lamas Life – which should be explosive.  Particularly since Lamas’ son, A.J., revealed that had an affair with his dad’s ex wife, Playboy model, Shauna Sand!

Another gorgeous couple, Brandon Beemer (Bold & The Beautiful) and his girlfriend, Nadia Bjorland (Days of our Lives) were thrilled with the Cadillac scent.  This hot new product is a relevant extension of the Cadillac lifestyle and embodies the essence of the Cadillac legacy.  Sure beats wearing Pinto Perfume!

Others sipping Blue Angel Vodka, and spritzing each other with the delightful fragrance, included Los Angeles Laker, Jordan Farmer, Kevin Farley and Claudia Jordan, co-host of the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant who stated: “The new Cadillac fragrance smells so delicious, I wish I currently had a man to spray it on.”  So do we!

Soap Star Sweethearts - Brandon Beemer and Nadia Bjorlin


     They say death comes in threes – but that is much understated in the  scores of deaths in Tinseltown.  Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars have passed away in recent months – including Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Walter Cronkite, and most recently my chum, Impressionist Fred Travalena  To celebrate Fred’s life – it was natural that a Vegas type tribute be paid to a gentleman who lived to entertain.

He was known for the sheer volume of his celebrity impressions, and his act included Presidents from Kennedy to Obama, Musicians from Sinatra to Springsteen, and Actors from Brando to Tom Crusie.

He was a fixture on the Vegas entertainment scene and later the opening act for many talent women, including Ann-Margaret, Helen Reddy and Shirley MacLaine.  Oscar winning actress MacLaine was one of the speakers at Fred’s memorial, and she was enthusiastic about meeting her former co-star in another life.  After all, she claims in her seventh book, Camino, that she was a lover of the Emperor Charlemagne in a past life – who knows what is store for the future?

Fred was a deeply religious man, and the event was held at the Living Room Theatre at the Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California.  His devoted wife of many years, Lois, his two sons, and over 2,000 friends filled the huge auditorium.  Others paying tribute to this talented man included famed Game Show Host, Wink Martindale,  singing sensation, Clint Holmes, and comic Tom Dressen who often opened for Frank Sinatra.

Speaking of “Old Blue Eyes”, Fred (who was also a prolific  songwriter & singer) wrote a show about Sinatra’s life, which is going into pre-production shortly.  A fitting tribute to two great show biz legends.



Lou is synonymous with THE INCREDIBLE HULK, but his talents run much deeper.  Lou was only 21 when he worn his first MR. UNIVERSE title.  More incredible, at age 22, he won again and is the only person to win consecutive titles.  Lou is a trainer of course, but he’s an author, nutritionist and a dedicated family man.  Lou is an honorary member of the Los Angeles Sheriff Dept. and enjoys working with disadvantaged youth.  He is a mentor and role model to them all.
Jane Seymour - Pretty in Pink
Becky Gulsvig (who stars as Elle Woods) with her Chihuahua Bruiser
Lorenzo Lamas with his daughter, Shayne
LA Laker Jordan Farmer and Beauty Contact Inc., CEO, Alwyn Stephen
Lois Travalena (Fred's widow) surrounded by her two sons at Travalena's Celebration of Life
Oscar winner Shirley Maclaine, who worked with Travalena in Vegas
Legendary Game Show Host, Wink Martindale, Life-long friend












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