Blessed Sacrament Church 2009 Carnival features the Liborio Markets Guiness World Records largest Pupusa 10' 2".
Director Ron Howard (who received Lifetime Achievement Award) from actor Frank Langella
Clint Eastwood with his wife, Dina








We are pleased to announce that Marci Weiner, internationally known columnist and TV personality will be writing a regular column for  Marci's syndicated column is in many local and national publications, and she has appeared on such TV shows as Joan Rivers, USA Network, Soap Talk, and Hollywood Style.  She is currently taping a series "Hollywood Marci" which originates in  Houston, Texas. NEW: Marci's Hollywood Hotline Column: No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 Click on the column no. above.

Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) Best Actor at the International Press Awards. Click on Photo for more info.















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